Colombia Business Specialist

Mrs. Sandra Serna is a Colombian attorney with a master’s degree in international law, based in Medellín, Colombia. Her qualifications, experience, and commitment provide invaluable support to national and international clients, especially the Expat community who require advice that is effective, flexible and personalized within the areas of real estate law, Colombian visas and immigration and foreign investment.

Her profile, knowledge, experience, and human qualities enable her to ensure prompt service, with a commitment to excellence.

Mrs. Serna will provide comprehensive and integrated legal services that offer expansive legal support, tailored to the needs of each client. Foreign investors, who require far-reaching assistance for new or ongoing projects, will find Ms. Serna an invaluable ally. We offer a consultancy with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. With a portfolio personalized to your profile, needs, and projections, she will enable you to make timely decisions regarding your foreign investment in Colombia. 

The unwavering commitment to excellence allows her to provide specialized services that give you the opportunity to leave your legal processes in expert hands. It is guaranteed that she will attend to your needs and requirements in a professional, effective, efficient and timely manner. She is a specialist of Expat services – real estate law, Colombian visas, foreign exchange, the formation of corporations, will and prenups – all things to protect your investments in Colombia

Real Estate Legal Advice

  • Structuring, revision of documentation and preparation of the closing of real estate negotiations.
  •  Title research.
  • Drafting and/or revision of the contracts involved in the deal, previously to the signature of the deed; protecting the best interest of the client.
  •  Drafting of the deed and accompaniment at the closing.
  •  Revision of the registration of the deed and other aspects of real estate law.

Business, Civil & Corporate

  • Commercial law – advising and accompanying the client in the negotiation, preparation, drafting, and implementation of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Creation and registration of corporations.
  • Accompaniment to meetings of HOA’s General Assemblies; elaboration and/or revision of the Acts of the Assemblies.
  • Wills, prenuptial and other Expat Services.

Colombian Visas & Immigration Law

Legal advice and accompaniment to define your migratory status in Colombia, which includes:

  • Advice regarding what kind of Colombian visa you might apply for, depending on your specific situation.
  • Guidance in relation to the requirements to apply.
  • Submission of the application
  • Creation of a POA, to represent you before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to authenticate the visa in the passport.
  • Registration of the visa.
  • Application to request the Colombian ID/cedula.
  • Permission to enter and stay in the country, without a visa.
  • Extensions of the permission of your Colombian visa.

Foreign investment / foreign exchange

  • Legal advice and accompaniment in your investment plans in Colombia (real estate, corporations, stocks).
  • Concrete guidance for specific situations.
  • Registration of foreign investment / foreign exchange.
  • Registration of any other transfer of funds (foreign exchange).
  • Modification of the registered foreign investment.
  • Cancellation of the foreign investment / foreign exchange.
  • Legal advice to attend inquiries from the Colombian authorities, in relation to the Exchange regime.