Mexico City & Querétaro Business Specialist


Founder of BA International

BA International is an extensive global NETWORK of firms that, through its members and affiliates, offers specialized services in accounting & advisory, investment, legal & fiscal, consulting, market development information, as well as advice on applied technology and strategic process planning.

His founder DIEGO LABARTHE has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge creating business advantage. The selection process of carefully selected members within the professional, commercial, and international scope, allows offering the best quality of specialized services in local and foreign markets.

Since its inception, BA International promotes its members by creating a connection with each other to boost business opportunities and services through local and international partners in the main areas of global economic influence, thus generating the possibility of expanding its business portfolio, giving access to practically unreachable clients, that don’t have a presence or have a local partner.

As we continue the strengthening of our Global Network, we embrace all the opportunities for networking, business creation, and expansion with the “Glocal” presence. In BA International we have a continuous commitment to promote each member by creating connections with each other, as well as with global entities in order to boost opportunities through local & international partners.

We have built a trustworthy NETWORK with all of our members either by accessing privileged information or provide virtually unattainable customers, who do not necessarily have a presence or a local partner. Trust is a crucial element to provide reliable services to eliminate the uncertainty involved in dealing with intercultural, political, tax, and/or unknown legal systems worldwide.

Currently BA International is present through its members in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Spain, The Netherlands, and the United States of America.




He is an expert consultant in different fields including payroll, personnel, administration, balance sheet, statistics and driven goals vs results. Goals set to Increase income up to 80% and rentability up to 50%

Business DiplomaBCIT, Vancouver, Canada                                       

Business Language Program- PLI, Vancouver, Canada

Bachelor of Finance Administration- UNIVERSIDAD ANAHUAC DEL SUR, Mexico City