Monaco Business Specialist

Mr. Thomas Antognelli is a Monegasque business advisor who helps his clients launch and develops their activity in Monaco.

Following a master’s in finance, Mr. Antognelli joined UBS as a strategy specialist and managed transversal strategic projects to enable innovation within the business and the operation models. After this experience and the successful launch of clients’ companies, Mr. Antognelli founded, a consulting agency that supports young entrepreneurs and company owners to launch and develop their activities.

Specialized in business administration and strategic planning, LYNE supports its clients in setting up their company in Monaco. From administrative tasks to fundraising, either via banks or private investors, LYNE is the cornerstone to the successful launch of your company in Monaco.

Mr. Thomas Antognelli’s activities through LYNE Consulting originates from the combination of both professional experiences and personal beliefs. Indeed, combining project management skills with business administration and development, enables him to provide accurate and solution-driven advice for whoever is willing to launch his own company or is eager to reach another level. Putting a company on a long-term footing requires not only an environment’s in-depth knowledge but also the ability to look up and forward to foreseen and anticipate the future. Thus, setting a vision for the company and strategically plan the coming years ahead is essential for a company whether it has just launched or not. This mindset enables LYNE Consulting to guide clients in various industries such as real estate, Conciergerie, temporary agencies, fashion retailers, and others.

Additionally, Mr. Thomas Antognelli is devoted to building a strong relationship by enhancing active listening, crucial to understand and identify his/her clients’ needs.

Mr. Antognelli can be contacted at: