North of Mexico Business Specialist

Oscar Conde Medina has more than 20 years of experience dedicated to attracting, consulting and assisting the direct foreign investment in Mexico.  In 1996, he supported and participated, together with more experts in the matter, in the purchase of one of the most important financial institution in Mexico (Banca Confia) acquired by Citibank.  From 2000 to 2003, our Founding and Managing participated in the most relevant credit restructuring operations in the north of the country, such as, among others, restructurings of Pyosa, Cydsa; as well as in the merger and the public stock sale of the Coca-Cola bottling company called Arca (formerly Procor); and in the issuing of values of Banorte (Mexican financial institution) in Luxembourg.

Our commitment is to help our clients grow by providing them with opportune legal services oriented towards protecting the clients’ personal, economic and commercial interests.

We are a dedicated law firm to support the growth of foreign investment in Mexico.

We have years of experience implementing strategies of businesses expansion in Mexico.

We have national and international business alliances with legal and accounting firms that allow us to offer an integral service to our clients.

The immediacy and the excellence in our services distinguish us.