Mumbai Business Specialist

Mr. Pranav, based in Mumbai, is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Insolvency Professional having total professional experience of about 3 decades. After working in Steel and construction industry for 4 years and 2 years in the professional services firm, he started his entrepreneur journey in Win Corporate Advisors as the Founder engaged in providing one roof services for all regulatory and tax compliances for business in India.

The main areas of expertise:
• Business set up services for Non-Resident Individual,
• 100% subsidiary set up in India for foreign company,
• Cross border taxation and transfer pricing,
• Corporate restructuring,
• Entry and Exit strategy,
• Virtual CFO services

It handholds the entrepreneurs in setting up a legal entity and take care of all the compliances under the Indian laws by providing:

• Virtual CFO services:
• Payroll,
• Book-keeping and MIS,
• Direct Tax,
• Indirect Tax,
• Regulatory filings,
• Exchange control filings,
• Audit assistance etc

India being the fastest growing economy of the world is tipped to become 3rd largest economy by size after USA and China by 2030. Therefore, it is the most appropriate time for global companies to set up their manufacturing or service business in India.

In this regard, we would help our network partner who can identify their client to set up the business in India. We will completely handhold our network partner and their clients to set up the legal entity with all the requisite licence and registration.

We will also help them in advising the taxation system, assistance in payment of tax, filing of requisite returns with tax department, Foreign Direct Investment related assistance and allotment of shares to non-resident, payroll processing, audit assistance and virtual CFO services.