North Macedonia Business Specialist

Vedran Lalicic – co-founder and lawyer at Lalicic & Boskoski Law Office from Skopje (LB LAW), is a Macedonian business and corporate lawyer, who provides a complete range of corporate and business legal services, performed by a dynamic and experienced team at LB LAW. Vedran is driven by creating long-term results for the clients, which safeguards both legal, commercial, and strategic matters.

As an experienced corporate lawyer, Vedran provides legal services from the pre-incorporation phase of the company (setting up a business) to the daily operations concerning the corporate changes, M&A, share transfer, withdrawals, and other corporate-related activities. 

Setting up a business and complying with the laws could be quite stressful and complicated for entrepreneurs. The extensive experience in the field of setting up a business in North Macedonia led Vedran to develop a special model for its clients, which provides continuous support in the early stages of the businesses which aim to guide the clients to comply with its operations with the laws of North Macedonia.

As a specialist in business law, Vedran and LB LAW team are legal councils to their clients, by advising and providing continuous legal support in the day-to-day operations of the companies, concerning: employment, GDPR, licenses, compliance, contracts, IP rights, tax issues, as well as other legal needs of the clients.

Due to the extensive experience working with a wide range of clients, from small entrepreneurial firms to large private and public companies, as well as handling issues related to the operation of businesses, Vedran’s approach is focused on understanding the needs of the client, not only from a legal but also from a business point of view. 

Vedran is passionate about technology and innovation and his professional mission is to make legal services easily available through the introduction of the latest technologies. Therefore, the LB LAW team applies its knowledge and skills to provide effective responses and innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs promptly.

Vedran and the LBLAW Team as business and corporate lawyer(s), tend to assist in bulletproof businesses by addressing the individual needs with an airtight and affordable solution.

Vedran and the LBLAW Team approach their clients as their own business partners, and with this approach, the success of the client is imminent and inevitable.

In order to achieve his professional standards and provide quality services to the clients, Vedran and LB Law Team are members of a number of domestic and international associations, such as the national bar association – Bar Association of the Republic of North Macedonia, the State Office of Industrial Property of North Macedonia. On an international level, LB LAW is a member of the International Bar Association (“IBA”).

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