Oman Business Specialist

Charles Shaw is the Founder and CEO of Bondoni, a leading Oman independent Company Formation and Sponsorship Specialist that offers international investors expertise on establishing businesses in Oman with sponsorship, business setup facilitation and PRO and visa services.

Since 1982 Charles has been closely associated with Oman in various commercial and military roles and has an in depth economic and social knowledge of the country. He has witnessed 36 of the 48 years of the careful and gradual development and modernization since Sultan Qaboos Al Said came to power in 1970.

Charles is an international businessman with 30 years’ commercial experience in many sectors including business services, defence and security, training, property, IT and construction in UK, Europe, USA, UAE and Oman.

Charles works with business owners, CEO’s and senior executives in small, medium and large businesses, advising Boards on strategy and governance and serves as a one-to- one leadership and business performance coach and a Group Facilitator and mentor.

His business experience in Oman extends to establishing and leading 3 businesses (SAOC and LLCs) that partner with international businesses. He was appointed as a Business advisor to Oman’s prestigious CEO programme.

Bondoni CSR focus enabled the company to sponsor the first Omani to reach the Geographic North Pole in 2018

He owns his own home and lives permanently in Oman with his wife. He owns a boat and enjoys fishing, scuba diving as well as jebel and dune bashing and plays erratic golf.

He is fully conversant with the Omani etiquette and speaks conversational Arabic.

About Bondoni:

“Bondoni is Oman’s Trusted Company Partner and Company Formation Specialist”

Our business is company sponsorship and formation for foreign investors: Our strength is our partnership with Oman’s local business community. We are recognized for our high quality of services, single- mindedness and reliability.

Bondoni is not just about the initial company formation and sponsorship. As your local partner we aim to nurture enduring relationships by always being available to offer advice and guidance.

Our culture is about innovation. Most of our new and developing services have derived from listening to our clients and business partners resulting in extending new client-focused services since our incorporation in 2016.

We work with many stakeholders to continue to encourage inward investment into Oman. As this is at the heart of Oman’s strategy Bondoni remains committed to be a thought leader in this arena and we continue liaising with our current and future clients as well as the local business community and government authorities.

Looking ahead Bondoni remains focused on perfecting our core services and extending into new areas of company formation services to encourage inward investment into Oman.