Rome Business Specialist

Stefano Toro enrolled in the Rome Bar in 2001.

After graduating in 1998, he continued his training by attending

  • master’s degree in bankruptcy law,
  • PhD (doctorate) in commercial law,
  • Executive Master Business Administration.

He works as a lecturer in university courses, masters, and conferences dealing with the following subjects: corporate law, business modeling, innovation management, bankruptcy law.

He carries out training activities with the orders of the legal professions (lawyers and accountants) and is involved in the forensic policy of the Rome Court.

Founder in 2001 of the Toro Law Firm, which in 2019 becomes Prolaw (

The FIRM uses an INNOVATIVE and open METHOD, with these strengths:

  • clear and transparent language;
  • soft skills (legal, business-economic, management);
  • innovative tools.

We are FOCUSED ON ENTERPRISES: new businesses, startups, micro-enterprises, and SMEs.

We deal with commercial and bankruptcy law, consultancy for SMEs, creation of new businesses and startups.

We assist entrepreneurs in the strategic part, in the development of new projects/products/services, in the creation of the organizational and corporate structure, and in all related legal and managerial aspects.

Changing the ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL of the law firm, making it:

  • • Permeable (fertile for contamination deriving from other disciplines: design, information technology, etc);
  • • Open (in order to be continuously improved, through the dissemination and use of methodologies and operational tools);
  • • Meritocratic (the people, the working method, and the approach to the customer matter; hierarchies and names are less important).

At Prolaw we work by processes, following a solid model.

The strengths are these:

  • we are PROFESSIONALS (lawyers and consultants), we adopt the point of view of the entrepreneur (replicating, internally, the processes of a COMPANY);
  • we work for OBJECTIVES (we combine project management with legal skills) and we agree them with the client (coordinating with his trusted professionals);
  • we work as a team (creating the team and sharing the METHOD), but we use a direct and practical approach (to facilitate INTERACTION with the customer);
  • we continue to evolve and improve, experimenting with new tools, contents, INNOVATIONS that come from experience in the field and from our customers’ curiosity.