Seoul Business Specialist

Jaekwon Jung is an attorney at law in South Korea.

He has a B.A. at Seoul National University College of Engineering, J.D. at Chungnam University school of law, and Ph.D. at Seoul National University majoring in Intellectual Property Law.

He has accumulated his experience in the field of science & technology and intellectual property law for a long time. Before he went to law school, he worked at the Ministry of Science and Technology. Passing the bar exam, he provided legal counseling at the Institute for Basic Science(IBS), the biggest institute funded by the government in the field of basic science R&D.

During his time as a litigator, he dealt with a variety of cases concerning subcontract, construction, car accident, divorce, inheritance, fraud, embezzlement, defamation, sexual assault, and medical malpractice.

He offers professional legal advice to start-up companies doing business in IT, 3D printing technology, blockchain, entertainment and online education ranging from the incorporation to relative corporate issues like intellectual property protection and unfair competition regulation.

He also works as a legal advisor of the Ministry of Science and ICT, University of Science and Technology, and a member of Committee for Supporting Positive Administration of the Ministry of Science and ICT and Committee for Organizing Regulation of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Based on this considerable expertise in corporate law and intellectual property, Jaekwon Jung will provide foreign investors with a wide range of legal services including incorporation, VISA issuance, and trademark registration.