Shenzhen Business Specialist

Ms. Ella is a professional counselor with almost 20 years of working experience in Shenzhen, China. She has been worked with attorneys, CPAs, and advisors from the US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and other countries. Her team provides comprehensive services for clients who plan to do business in China.

She is in charge of making schedules and tracing projects for our company. She is accomplished in the area of multinational investment, formalization of WFOE and non-profit organization, financial management for a new company, HR management, Administration management, drafting sales or agent contract, writing legal opinion or Power of Attorney, writing Non-disclosure Agreement, Export & Import, real estate purchasing and sales, set up of tax system, etc. All the clients of Ella have been responsible for reaching their anticipated goals and recommend Ella to their friends.

The industries of Ms. Ella’s clients cover high-tech, international schools, green energy, chain supermarket, medical device, food and tableware, oil and gas, charity foundation, etc. Ella’s team also provides customer-made private services, such as tax planning, cross-border investment, testamentary administration for private clients.

Ms. Ella apprehends Western culture and Eastern culture very well. She has a higher social reputation and bigger vocation influence both in the local area and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Her team tells the truth to the clients. Her team helps clients dispel worries before they step into China. Her team provides stable and strong protection after the clients run in China.