Taipei Business Specialist

Judy Wang

Certified Public Accountant in Taiwan.

A result-driven, dynamic, established professional with strong business acumen, a global mindset, and 15+ years of documented success in critical, transformative roles within recognized organizations. Proven track record in company formation, tax compliance, cloud ERP implementation and consultancies.

Passionate about personal and professional development and regularly tapped to deliver talks, presentations, and training sessions, surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Business Metrics, and Financial Operations.

Evershine CPAs Firm

Evershine was founded in 1992 by CPA Dale Chen. In the first 12 years, we did traditional tax auditing services for local Taiwan clients.

Since 2004, we have been investing in IT technology, joining International Accounting Association and creating English working environments. Evershine has transformed to be a featured service provider on Cloud Accounting, Tax Compliance, Payroll Compliance, Company Registration and M&A Due Diligence. We have been serving approximately thousands of MNCs (Multinational Companies) in major cities in Taiwan, China, Asia, and other worldwide countries. In Taipei, Evershine CPAs Firm provides cloud accounting, cashier functions, tax compliance, and payroll compliance. We act as your local in-house accountant although we are not sitting at your office. Taipei now is the headquarter of Evershine Group with 24 affiliates.

Taiwan company formation one stop service:

Worldwide Foreign Owned Companies set-up, open bank account, work permit, PEO (professional employer organization), payroll, accounting, tax compliance. Supported by our own cloud accounting and payroll system. The Cloud Accounting System to provide a collaborative work environment, we act as your in-house accountant role although we are not sitting at your company’s office. There are three major features of our service: Fraud-Proof (with internal control), Seamless Collaboration, Hassle-Free (easily implemented).


Taiwan Tax Rules:

*GLA -corporate income tax

-National taxes, 20%

-A Business Administration Number(BAN) is required (you can apply for the E-Cert at and then apply to your tax authority for a Logic Serial Number(LOSN).DF (Deposit First) Prepayment before filing.

-The fiscal year is the calendar year, it could be changed into another period after approval.

-For-profit enterprise income tax is paid on a provisional basis from 1 September to 30 September, normally at the rate of 50 percent of the amount of income tax paid in the previous year. If the change is too big and the company does not earn that much in the first half of this year, it may commission the CPA to report the contributions after the tax review.

-The income tax settlement declaration for profit-making undertakings before the end of May (from May 1 to May 31) each year. The representative office in Taiwan is not taxable and therefore is not required to declare income tax on profit-making undertakings.

-To file a company income tax, you can download the Trade-Van software

-You can print payment slip to bank OTC and you can also make various electronic transfer payments (EFT).

-Taiwan does not require corporate Bank accounts to be Taiwan’s local bank


*VAT -business value-added tax

-VAT 5 percent of the national tax; Export tax rebates.

-Request VAT Number: Form No.: 8-12;

-It can be applied to the National Taxation Bureau or transferred to the National Taxation Bureau through the Ministry of Economic Affairs, normally within 14 days.

-Foreign e-commerce can apply for FECO cross-border e-commerce.

-SP (Same Period) for the Same Period for filing and paying contributions;

-Taiwan VAT Value Added Tax (VAT) is filed once every two months. It is declared and paid before the 15th day of the following month. The company may declare B (M) every month if there is an export tax refund. You have to file even if you don’t have any income.

-Download Trade-Van software for applying for Business Value-Added Tax file

-You can print payment slip to bank OTC and you can also make various electronic transfer payments (EFT).

-Taiwan does not require corporate Bank accounts to be Taiwan’s local bank.


*       Tax exemption applications


Taiwan Payroll Compliance Map

Compliance Map includes Taiwan Payroll Withholding, Taiwan Social Welfare for Employees. Taiwan Employment Law. Evershine uses online payroll and attendance system to support our services which complies with Taiwan’s labor and tax regulations. We have three service patterns (code: F, B, S) in Payroll and Attendance Service. This includes all industries and all situations.

Our Service Coverage

* Online payroll and attendance system for supporting our services

* File for listing and de-listing of Labor Insurance and Health Insurance and Labor Pension.

* Gross salary calculation based on fixed and non-fixed salary, Leave and Overtime

* Calculation of Gross salary  to net-cash salary

* Salary wire transferring services, delivering payment slips to each employee, accepting query from each employee.

* Paying withholding tax to  Tax bureau.

* Paying Health & Labor insurance fee and  Labor Pension to relevant competent Government Bureau.

* Annual accumulation salary income and withholding tax report to Tax Bureau.

* Year-end insurance premium certificate

* Severance pay application

*Other Payroll Relevant services:

–Expatriates Work Permit application in Taiwan

–Expatriates Resident Visa  (ARC)Application in Taiwan

–Local Services for expatriates like airport pick-up, hotel and renting, bank account etc,.


Patent annuity payment services

Save time and fee to renew your global patent and payment by Evershine’s in-house RPA (Robotic Process Automation) IT engineers to access patent detailing information and renew the necessary.



* Taiwan Company Registration FAQs

* The 20% withholding tax rate paid by Taiwanese companies to overseas companies is quite high. Under what circumstances can the tax rate be reduced or zero tax rate?

* Under what circumstances should clients apply for Taiwan Certificate of Residence (COR) to avoid double taxation?

* What are Taiwan TAX TREATIES with other countries? How does the mechanism DTA work?

* What is the policy of Taiwan Transfer Pricing?

* How to apply work permit for expatriates to Taiwan?