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Mr. Michael had an illustrious 27-year career in law enforcement, working at both local and federal levels. His journey began at a Sheriff’s Office, culminating in a significant 12-year role as a Deputized Task Force Officer with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He led operations resulting in major seizures of narcotics and criminal assets, earning prestigious awards such as the DEA Administrator’s Award and the Department of Homeland Security Partnership Award.

In 2013, Mr. Michael was elected as the Constable of Guadalupe County, Pct. 3, serving three terms. In this leadership role, he showcased his management skills by supervising a diverse team of law enforcement officers and administrative staff. Michael also actively liaised with other agencies, politicians, and key stakeholders, further honing his skills in negotiation and diplomacy. He modernized the agency by embracing innovative technologies like License Plate Readers (LPR), also known as Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) and Automatic Number Plate Readers (ANPR) in different parts of the world. His initiatives have not only been adopted by agencies across the United States but have also bolstered his reputation as a pioneer in the technological advancement of law enforcement.

Transitioning into entrepreneurship, Mr. Michael established his respected business, a global marketing consulting firm. The firm specializes in helping businesses market their products and expand their operations worldwide. With team members scattered across the globe, the respected business is uniquely positioned to assist any business that aligns with its principles and goals. The company operates under the powerful motto: “When the good guys work together, the bad guys lose,” underscoring Michael’s lifelong commitment to unity, collaboration, and positive impact.

Today, Michael continues to make significant contributions by fostering teamwork, endorsing cooperation, and leveraging technology to create safer and more prosperous communities. His deeply held belief is that unity and collaboration can make a significant difference in combating crime, promoting safety, and driving business success.

Services Offered:

Mr. Michael’s respected firm is a global marketing consulting firm that specializes in assisting businesses with marketing their products and expanding their operations worldwide. Their services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and are open to any business that aligns with their principles and goals.

Professional Career:

  • Deputized Task Force Officer with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Constable of Guadalupe County, Pct. 3 (Three Terms)
  • CEO,


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