Tunisia Business Specialist

Wahida Karoui is a lawyer specializing in business law with more than 15 years of experience, which has allowed her to remain among the most recommended Tunisian lawyers in Tunisia. 


  • Accompanying Investors in Tunisia
  • Creation of Resident or Non-resident Companies (SA, SARL, SUARL, SCI, Civil Society)
  • Creation of associations
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management and protection of intellectual property
  • Management of land ownership
  • Legal due diligence
  • Legal Secretariat
  • Approval of accounts
  • Update and management of the legal life of the company corporate
  • Comply with the regulations
  • Drafting of legal acts
  • Share capital operation

      A secure change, consistent with existing regulations and laws

  • Legal, Tax, Land and Social Counsel
  • Legal Restructuring of Companies
  • Establishment of branches, secondary establishments, and liaison offices
  • Drafting of any type of contract, convention, pact, protocol minutes
  • Management of the relationship between shareholders/partners (establishment of shareholders’ agreements)
  • Monitoring and execution of exceptional structural operations, such as complex “top-balance sheet” operations: mergers, acquisitions, disposals, capital increases, capital reductions, accordion operations, divisions
  • Complex legal set-up, engineering, and legal audit work
  • Verification of contract compliance against laws, regulations, and procedures, and assessment of contract risks.
  • Legal monitoring of legislation: The Updating of corporate documents and data in the various systems as well as the research on legal issues related to company law,


Efficiency    To ensure the highest level of efficiency in the performance of the tasks entrusted to it, and to this end:    Know the client, its business line, its activities, and its constraints; Commit oneself fully to its side and ensure the defense of its interests in a spirit of partnership; identify its objectives and expectations at the strategic, legal, economic and social levels; Measure and pragmatically scale the means to be implemented; be accessible and available; Promote the development of new means of action to ensure the defense of its interests;

Quality: To ensure the highest level of quality of services rendered, and for this purpose: Implement appropriate means to maintain knowledge and ensure training and upgrading of all cabinet members; Implement the appropriate means to develop the professional skills and technical know-how of all members of the cabinet; Define and respect the useful deadlines for the performance of their services; Accept only tasks that correspond to the skills mastered