Turkmenistan Business Specialist

Kerim Akmamedov had worked for more than 20 years in various state corporations, national banks and the institutions of the Government of Turkmenistan. Kerim has participated in the development of the legislation of Turkmenistan since 1992. He had been a member of the workgroup engaged in the drafting of the banking, tax, and economic laws of Turkmenistan, as well as Presidential Decrees related to those areas.

For more than 6 years, Kerim has taught civil law and arbitration at the Academy of the Public Administration under the President of Turkmenistan. He has a number of publications. His major publications and works discuss the legal aspects of state regulation of the economy and the legal framework for foreign investments in Turkmenistan.

Kerim has been regularly engaged in the preparation of the annual guides on Doing Business in Turkmenistan, which is available for existing and potential local and foreign investors and other interested parties. These guides provide detailed and up-to-date information on the business environment in Turkmenistan, including information on tax, labor, and other relevant laws.

Along with other experts, Kerim participated in the preparation of the annual comparative tax analysis, which provides detailed and updated information on taxes, levies, and duties applied in Turkmenistan.

In terms of private law practice with Altyn Kanun, Kerim advises large transnational corporations, investments funds, financial institutions, international organizations, as well as the government agencies and institutions on a range of projects in the field of engineering and construction, infrastructure, banking and finance, transport and logistics, regulatory and compliance matters. In particular, among other projects, it is worth noting the legal support of such mega-scale projects as:

  • projects for the construction of international gas pipelines, including the construction of the international gas pipeline TAPI;
  • gas field development project.

Moreover, Kerim advised on:

  • EPC, EP and CIC contracts for various projects, including in the chemical industry;
  • petroleum exploration contracts in large tracts of on-shore and off-shore sites;
  • corporate lending for the construction of the infrastructure;
  • various issues related to foreign investment in Turkmenistan.

In addition, Kerim has experience advising international financial institutions.

Kerim has extensive experience in various sectors of the economy. He particularly specializes in projects in the oil and gas complex, energy, chemical industry, mining, construction, as well as in the field of banking and financial institutions, and he is a recognized lawyer in these sectors.

Kerim also acted as an expert of the Government of Turkmenistan in various international arbitration matters under ICSID and ICC Rules.