Tyrol Business Specialist

Mag. Stefan Gamsjäger has over 10 years’ experience as an Administrative lawyer and Deputy Head of a Building Inspection Office for the Austrian Government and State of Tyrol. He is one of the few Austrian lawyers to have taken and passed the Austrian Administrative Service Exam in Tyrol. This background and experience effectively translate into practical legal advice, particularly in the fields of Construction Law, Municipal Legislation, Administrative Law and Spatial Planning Law.

About Law Experts Attorneys:

Law Experts Attorneys Austria is an award-winning law firm offering a wide range of legal services throughout Austria. Whether you need legal support on matters relating to Civil Law & Litigation, Real Estate Law, Contracts, Company Formation, Debt collection, Sales Law, Transportation Law or Criminal Law, you can always build on Law Experts.

> Who we are

Law Experts is led by Mag. Stefan Gamsjäger and Dr. Hannes Wiesflecker, two highly motivated specialists driven by a passion for justice and excellence. Both are well-established attorneys with stellar track records and many years of experience, allowing them to offer clients professional and commercially sound legal advice.

Over the years, Law Experts has built an international network of partner law firms and developed strong relationships with leading service providers across key industries. These include lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, fiduciaries, real estate agents, IT experts, consultants and more. These strategic alliances allow Law Experts to offer a multi-disciplinary and international service, serving clients as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of legal issues.

In every jurisdiction, Law Experts operate in strict accordance with the latest Federal, State and local laws regulations.

> Our Unique Approach & The 5 Law Experts Guarantees

At Law Experts, we put great emphasis on outstanding legal service, expertise and client loyalty, and we handle each case with the utmost attention and urgency.

We pride ourselves on providing practical and tailor-made legal solutions in a professional, client-focused environment. We believe it is this unique approach that has helped us to maintain a high rate of success and become a trusted partner to our clients.

At Law Experts Attorneys Austria we care about:

  • Practical and tailor-made solutions for each case
  • Highest Quality of legal advice
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Keeping agreements and deadlines
  • Prompt, courteous and jargon-free communication
  • Transparent and flexible pricing

> Our Services

  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Civil Law, Claim for Damages / Tort Law
  • Debt Collection
  • Business Law & Company Formation
  • Contract Assessment, Contract Drafting and Settlement
  • Real Estate Law, Construction and Planning Law, Municipal Law
  • Residence Rights and Citizenship
  • Sales and Transport Law
  • Criminal Law, Corporate Criminal Law

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We are available to offer professional legal help to businesses, institutions and private individuals.

We are glad to offer you comprehensive and expert advice! We are ready to represent your interests throughout Austria.