Corporate Set Up and Service Provider Japan

WeConnect is a leading provider of back-office compliance solutions to multinational companies doing business in Asia. By taking care of their back-office compliance, WeConnect helps multinationals to expand and grow in Asia since it enables them to focus on their core business. In order to facilitate this beneficial client relationship, WeConnect provides all communication and deliverables in English.

WeConnect functions as a one-stop-shop so companies entering the Asian market can focus on growing their business.. WeConnect does corporate secretarial, accounting, payroll and benefits, cash management and annual tax compliance. Companies can rely on WeConnect to ensure global, local and statutory requirements are met. Companies generally work with them because they want a one-stop for all of Asia and want to work with as few vendors as possible. Moreover, WeConnect is more technology and process-minded than other firms and knows how to communicate the challenges of the region effectively. Finally, the company embraces a much appreciated disciplined, process-driven and tech-enabled service delivery model.

Besides its headquarters in Tokyo, WeConnect is expanding over Asia. The company is currently active in 12 Asian countries, delivering all services across Asia with one Named account manager, once contract, one pricing model and invoice and one set of Standard Reports, thus facilitating the international ambitions of multinationals.

Finally, WeConnect’s focus on security, continuity, and control does not impede on their passion to innovate. The company strives to be paperless wherever possible. In addition, it leverages robotics and other technologies. For example by implementing the latest and greatest applications of leading accounting systems into their service offering.


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