VAT Services

There is an increased flow of goods and services between countries than ever before due to globalization. Thus an ever-increasing international customer base or complex supply chain also creates the issue of multiple indirect tax obligations in multiple countries.

Around the world, governments raise revenue via ‘indirect taxes’, like value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), sales and local taxes, with additional taxes imposed on imports via customs and excise duties. The compliance requirements of such taxes can be highly complex and will significantly impact a business’s cash flow.

Our tax professionals from 80+ countries can help you in managing your indirect tax compliance burden and also suggest strategies to ensure a holistic approach to the varied challenges created by indirect taxes. Thus, our network provides a holistic approach to help you with your indirect tax issues across jurisdictions. And, you get the hands-on involvement of our most experienced professionals – people who take pride in exceptional client service.

Our approach

Our network of Indirect Tax Services professionals from around the globe combines technical skills in indirect tax with a deep understanding of business and industry issues.

Together, they seek to customize their approach to meet your unique needs, helping businesses to smoothly operate their international business in any jurisdiction.

What we offer

Our Indirect Tax services team consists of tax experts across the many countries we operate in. Depending on your business needs we match the right people in the required jurisdiction where you need those indirect tax services.

We provide tailored Indirect Tax services including:

  • Provide indirect tax advice for minimizing any VAT/GST cash flow and any interest/penalties associated with non-compliance
  • Registration of local indirect tax in jurisdictions where taxable transactions are undertaken
  • Engaging with tax authorities on your behalf in the event of an indirect tax audit
  • Developing and implementing appropriate indirect tax strategies
  • Preparation and filing of indirect tax returns
  • Advisory services against authorities including the filing of lawsuits
  • Providing advice about the indirect taxes consequences on real estate transactions
  • Refunds of applications for non-registered entrepreneurs
  • Any assistance with the implementation of efficient processes to avoid customs duty costs and cash flow issues
  • Training of staff on indirect tax-related issues
  • Preparation of ‘bad debt’ relief claims to recoup VAT if overpaid in insolvency situations
  • Preparing technical tax submissions to tax authorities with respect to indirect tax issues

If you have indirect tax-related queries from any country then feel free to contact us at