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Are you looking for a good business lawyer who could assist you in almost every aspect of your business, from basic compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability? Fulfill your legal requirements for your business, anytime and anywhere. We have a robust network of lawyers from 100+ regions covering 76 countries, who can facilitate ease of doing business in any part of the world.

Why Choose our Legal Network?

Having access to legal services is an important consideration for any business but especially for those who face often a number of legal hurdles during an international expansion.

Our legal network focuses on providing support to international companies, who wish to venture into a different country or who need assistance if already operating in that country. We provide full legal support and fulfill our clients’ all possible legal needs, in relation to that specific country.

Our lawyers offer full legal support to multinational companies: ranging from registration of legal entities to full support of further business operations. The main purpose of our legal network is to ensure that our clients run their business smoothly, by complying with all the requirements of local law, rule out any unnecessary risks, and help to achieve their set business objectives as efficiently as possible. We always implement concrete and practical solutions for our clients, looking for legal assistance for their business.

Legal services by our network:

Following is the range of services which our legal network can assist you with:

1. Contracts: Our lawyers can help with the contractual needs of your business; prepare the standard form contracts that you might need with customers, clients, and suppliers; and help you respond to contracts that other people will want you to sign.

2. Business organizations: Our lawyers can help you decide the best forms to set up your business legally, and prepare the necessary paperwork.

3. Real estate: If you’re considering selling or buying property for your business, our network of real estate lawyers cab help you with handling commercial and residential real estate issues. Our network will assist you with real estate issues anywhere, in terms of buying or selling commercial buildings, leasing retail space, starting construction and development projects, resolving zoning issues, and other types of commercial property transactions.

4. Taxes and licenses: Our tax lawyers will assist you with the tax consequences of the business transactions in which your business will engage.

5. Intellectual property: Intellectual property forms the backbone for many business owners, and this means numerous lawyers are hired to assist with company matters. However, we can simplify your needs through our one-stop-shop. We are able to help you with registering your products and services for a trademark, copyright protection, or assist you with any other intellectual property issues, as per the laws of the jurisdiction where you need assistance.


São Paulo Legal Specialist

Do you want to contact Mrs. Clarissa?


Bulgaria Business Specialist

Do you want to contact Mrs. Yonka?
Sofia HQ


Bulgaria Business Specialist

Do you want to contact Mrs. Dilyana?

Dutch International Contracting Lawyer

Madelon van Breemen
Leeman Verheijden Huntjens Advocaten
T: +31 (0)10 209 27 65 , F: +31 (0)10 209 27 78 , M: +31 620600834

World Port Center Rotterdam

Wilhelminakade 955

3072 AP Rotterdam

Massachusetts Business Specialist

Gene T. Barton
Massachusetts Branch


Ohio Business Specialist

Paul Spitz
Ohio Branch

Cincinnati, OH 45202

San Francisco Business Specialist

Doug Bend
San Francisco Branch

Vienna Business Specialist

Dr. Hannes Wiesflecker
Vienna Branch
+31 6 185 202 99

Panama Business Specialist

Melissa Saucedo
Panama Branch
Panama Business Specialist

Panama, PA


Beijing Business Specialist

Johnson Cao
Beijing branch



Liechtenstein Business Specialist

Dr Markus H WANGER
Liechtenstein Branch


Virginia Business Specialist

James T. Bacon
Virginia Branch


Lebanon Business Specialist

Joseph Nasrallah
Lebanon Branch

 Beirut - Lebanon

Maldives Business Specialist

Ashraf Rasheed
Maldives Branch


Haiti Business Specialist

Haiti Branch


Kuwait Business Specialist

Dr. Faisal Alfahad
Kuwait Branch

Kuwait City

Caracas Tax Specialist

Andreina Lusinchi Martínez
Caracas Tax Branch

Venezuela, ZP 1060.

Ecuador Business Specialist

Peke van Beek
Ecuador Branch



Caracas Business Specialist

Yeoshua Bograd
Caracas Branch


Harare Business Specialist

Davison Kanokanga
Harare Branch


Colombo Business Specialist

Mohamed Musathik
Sri Lanka Branch

Sri Lanka

Ho Chi Minh City Business Specialist

Philip Ziter
Ho Chi Minh City Branch

Ho Chi Minh City

Taipei Business Specialist

Do you want to contact Judy?
Taipei Branch

Hanoi Business Specialist

Luu Xuan Vinh
Hanoi Branch

 Hanoi, Vietnam



Punta Cana Business Specialist

Dr. Felipe Isa Castillo
Punta Cana Branch

Punta Cana, DR

Manila Business Specialist

Victor Johann N. Espiritu
Manila Branch


Hong Kong Business Specialist

Do you want to contact Kenneth?
Hong Kong Branch

Hong Kong SAR

Santo Domingo Business Specialist

Amado Sanchez de Camps
Santo Domingo Branch

Santo Domingo,10119

Dominican Republic

North of Mexico Business Specialist

Oscar Conde Medina
North Mexico Branch

México C.P. 66265

Lisbon Business Specialist

Carlos Carneiro Gomes
Lisbon Branch


Nairobi Business Specialist

Austin Atandi
Nairobi Branch


Belgrade Business Specialist

Dorde (George) Mijatov
Office Legal Eagles- Law Office Baksunovic in Serbia


Prague Business Specialist

Václav Holý
Prague Branch

Prague 1

Seoul Business Specialist

Jaekwon Jung
Seoul Branch

South Korea

Mexico City Business Specialist

Giovanni Braccini
Mexico City Branch



Bratislava Business Specialist

Andrej Schwarz
SCHWARZ advokáti


Johannesburg Business Specialist

Martin Mota
Johannesburg Branch

Pretoria 0181


Auckland Business Specialist

Mark Lowndes
New Zealand Branch


Helsinki Business Specialist

Liene Krumina
Helsinki Branch

Helsinki, Finland


Bucharest Business Specialist

Nicholas Simon Hammond
Bucharest Branch

Bucharest, Romania

Santiago Business Specialist

Maarten Kraaijenhagen
Santiago Branch
Santiago, Chile

Croatia business specialist

Ranko Dokic
Croatia Branch

Pula, Croatia

Barcelona Business Specialist

Mercedes Clavell
ARCO Abogados y Asesores Tributarios



Riga Business Specialist

Dmitrijs Petrovs
ZAB Petrovs & partneri


Nigeria Business Specialist

EdoAbasi Udo
Nigeria Branch



Malaysia Business Specialist

A Anirbaan
Kuala Lumpur Branch


Warsaw Business Specialist

Jakub Chajdas
Warsaw Branch



Budapest Business Specialist

Julia Szarvas
Budapest Branch




Indonesia Business Specialist

Philo Dellano
Jakarta Branch



Greece Business Specialist

Manolis Eglezos
Piraeus Branch


Mauritius Business Specialist

Philip Tsalikis
Mauritius Branch

Bangkok Business Specialist

Picharn Sukparangsee
Bangkok Branch

Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Doha Business Specialist

Dr. Nasser Mehsin Al-Adba
Qatar Branch

Moscow Business Specialist

Barashev Maxim
BBNP law firm


Milan Business Specialist

Francesco Dagnino
Lexia Avvocati


Paris Business Specialist

Coralie Dedieu
Paris Branch


Buenos Aires Business Specialist

Pauline Swart
Argentina Branch


Armenia Business Specialist

Aram Orbelyan
Yerevan Branch


Sydney Business Specialist

Christopher Chang
Sydney Branch

Sydney NSW 2000

Tyrol Business Specialist

Mag. Stefan Gamsjäger
Tyrol Branch

Brussels Tax Specialist

Erik Sansen
Sansen International

Bhutan Business Specialist

Prakash Rasaily
Bhutan Branch


Rio de Janeiro business specialist

Alessandro Jacob
Rio de Janeiro Branch

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Sao Paulo Business Specialist

Pedro Franco Mourão
Sao Paolo Branch





Fortaleza Business Specialist

Laerte de Castro Alves
Fortaleza Branch

Fortaleza - Ceará


Bosnia & Herzegovina Business Specialist

Branko Maric

Burundi Business Specialist

Chantal Ruvakubusa
Burundi Branch


Bulgaria Business Specialist

Do you want to contact Mr. Vladimir?
Sofia Branch


Macau Business Specialist

Bruno Nunes
Macau Branch


Labuan Business Specialist

Roger Chin
Sabah branch

Sabah, Malaysia