Starting a business in Germany

Germany is considered as ideal strategic hub to start business in Europe. Ranging from small sole proprietorships to large conglomerates, Germany is home to tens of thousands of businesses. German government makes no difference between foreigners and German nationals when it comes to starting a business in Germany. There are also no constraints on the repatriation of profits. Much like in English-speaking countries, German law distinguishes between joint stock companies (similar to a public limited company), limited companies, and other forms of partnerships.

Wishing to incorporate and register a new firm in Germany?

Where to start

Before commencing the race through bureaucratic hurdles, you should evaluate your business’s chances and risks by crafting an effective business-plan. This business-plan is obligatory when discussing with banks or applying for benefits at German authorities. The type of business and financial strength in numerous instances defines the form of company for your business.

Local business in Germany

Whatever form of business you choose, you will need to handle a range of bureaucratic hurdles. The first crucial step is to contact a financial advisor or a tax advisor. They will help you be content with different laws for doing local business in Germany – while helping you to decide whether you need to hire a notary and approaches to register the business at the local court (Amtsgericht). After receiving your details from the commercial register, the chamber of commerce should contact you.

The next step is to structure two sets of tax registration, one at the local tax office (finanzamt) and one for commercial tax at the professed Gewerbesteueramt. After this, you might get a certificate of registration (Gewerbeanmeldeschein) and to start business in Germany.

Starting a business in Germany?

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